Workshop Series Features

How it works and the benefits you will find.

  • How it Works

    This series provides a practical introduction to to the Bible. As a non-credit course, there are no tests or grades, just a course project and some readings. Each session includes pre-recorded videos providing a wealth of insight, as well as additional content and links.

  • What's Included

    Biblical literacy is a critical part of lifelong faith formation, so we designed this course to introduce you to the Bible, its origins, its basic structure and message, and how you might use it to better inform your faith. As we study the scriptures together over the six weeks of the course, we will also engage you in a personalized Bible study project that we hope will deepen your relationship with the scriptures and perhaps teach you something about yourself.

  • Experienced Leader

    A lifelong student of the scriptures, Dr. Dalen Jackson is adept at helping learners deepen their understanding of the Bible as well as their skill as an interpreter of texts. See his full bio below.

Course curriculum

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Professor of Biblical Studies

Dr. Dalen Jackson

Dalen C. Jackson came to BSK in the Fall of 2002 and has served since 2007 as Academic Dean and Professor of Biblical Studies. He was ordained to Christian Ministry in 1987 and served churches in Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Indiana, and Georgia as pastor and interim pastor, youth minister, children’s director, recreation assistant and in a variety of lay roles. Prior to coming to BSK, he was chair of the Division of External Studies at Judson College in Marion, Alabama and chair of the Humanities Division and head of the Theology Department at Truett-McConnell College in Cleveland, Georgia.